Potato Frittata

30 Jul

Fridays are usually for left overs in our house but for some reason, we had no left overs at all this week.

So I had to come up with something for dinner using whatever’s in the ref since I had no intention of going out and buying something.  Since we had eggs and potatoes, I decided to make a potato frittata.

I first heard of a potato frittata when there was a food network show about spanish tapas and it seemed interesting.  There were a lot of onions used though and we’re not really big fans of onions.  I also never liked potato omelettes much but I figured it was worth a try.

Some recipes finish the cooking in the oven or under a broiler but I didn’t really want to do that.  The show I watched though inverted the pan onto a plate then slipped the frittata back on the pan to cook the bottom.  That’s what I did.  Part of the eggs stuck on the pan when I flipped it but it turned out alright.

I used just one small onion and 2 potatoes with 4 eggs.  I also added a splash of milk and some cheese.  Just as I was preparing dinner, my mom came over with some sweet corn so I also added some corn.  And since I had no fresh herbs, I added about a teaspoon of pesto.  My kids didn’t notice anything amiss and said they liked it and would want to have it again.

Would you like a slice?

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