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No-Bake Granola Bars

I transcribe market research audios from home. Today, most of the files were about cereal bars or granola bars. It really made me crave for granola bars while listening to participants describe their experience with the bars.  We had some Quaker Oat Cookies and I ate a pack but it didn’t alleviate the craving.

I finally had to take a break and whip up my own. I found a really simple recipe for Energy Bars online and I immediately made a batch.  I had to make a lot of substitutions, though.  I don’t have any Rice Krispies so I just used oatmeal and we only had rolled oats so that’s what I used.  We also didn’t have raisins but I found some dried mixed fruits (papaya, banana and pineapple) and I used that instead.  I also liked nuts so I mixed in some almonds and walnuts. And finally, we didn’t have maple syrup so I used honey instead.

Just knowing it was in the ref gave me enough energy to continue working.  After a couple of hours, I could finally eat some!


It may not be the same as the store-bought ones but it’s still good.  It’s really great with coffee.  I’m now ready to do more work.  Bring it on!

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Cinnamon-Walnut Cake

I love cinnamon rolls.  It’s been on my list for so long but I still have not had the opportunity to try it.  I think it takes a lot of effort and I haven’t felt motivated enough to do it. I have bookmarked a lot of recipes already and I will try it within this year. (At least, I think this is one resolution I would get to accomplish.)

So, when I saw a recipe for Cinnamon-Swirl Bread, I knew I had to give it a try.  It seemed simple enough to follow and I think it’s also a teeny bit healthier than cinnamon rolls since it doesn’t have an icing or frosting.  I tried it last week and it’s a winner.

I think I’ve found a keeper. I wouldn’t call this bread though.  It’s a cake. I will call my creation, Cinnamon-Walnut Cake.  It’s really great and the walnuts give it a nice crunch and a break from the sweetness.

Don’t you just want to take a bite of that?

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Dutch Crunch Bread

I can’t believe the last post I made here was middle of October.  I haven’t really tried a lot of new things in the last couple of months as things were hectic and the holidays were crazy.

I did manage to cross off another item from my list.  I made Dutch Crunch Bread last month, I just didn’t have time to blog about it.  (I also didn’t get to take great pictures, but what the heck)

It was pretty good.  I’m not exactly sure how it’s supposed to taste since I’ve never even heard of this bread until a friend suggested I try making it.  It had an interesting crunch when you bite into it.  I’m not sure I’ll be making it again, though since it takes more work than the usual loaf or bun.  But then, I was also baking other stuff when I made this.  I wasn’t really focused on just this bread so maybe I will try it one more time and see if it’s a keeper.  In any case, it’s always fun to try new things.  So go ahead and try it out!

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