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Cappuccino Cupcakes

I am not a cupcake fan.  Apologies to all cupcake lovers out there but I think that cupcakes are a little bit overrated.  I admit they’re nice to look at and very pretty but I don’t find the taste awesome.  I really like my desserts to be rich and decadent and with cupcakes, I find the frosting too sweet and the cake lacking.  This is why I love muffins, what you see is what you get.  No need for fancy toppings.  Just great dessert.

That said, I do realize that I have to start making cupcakes.  I know if something looks delectable, people are more willing to try it than if it looks plain.  So I have decided to start making cupcakes.  Eventually, I do want to learn frosting and decorating.  I will just ensure that the frosting and the cake would taste great.  Since I don’t have any decorating tools yet, I have decided to browse the internet for cupcake flavors other than vanilla or chocolate.  I came across the Cake Mistress and decided to give her cappuccino cupcake recipe a try.

The cupcake turned out okay (like I said, I’m not a cupcake lover).  It wasn’t too sweet and I actually ate two with my coffee, twice (once in the morning and once in the afternoon).  You don’t feel like you’re indulging too much so it’s easy to overeat.

I made it without the liquor.  Maybe I should try it with liquor next time, maybe that’s the secret ingredient to bring it the next level.  In any case, it’s still a good cupcake.  I’ve enjoyed it with my coffee again this morning and I’m pretty sure I’ll have another couple later this afternoon.  🙂

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