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Rock Garden Cake

Last week was Jari’s 11th birthday.  I wanted to make him something special but I couldn’t really bake a real cake yet.  When I came across this dirt cake,  I knew I wanted to make something similar.  He loves playing soccer so I’m thinking a soccer field would be good.

I kinda followed the recipe but instead of instant pudding, I made one from scratch.  It turned out pretty good.

I wasn’t really feeling well that weekend but I know I have to push through with this project specially since I showed my daughter the pictures and she was looking forward to making and decorating the cake.  I’ve also bought some chocolate rocks and green sprinkles for grass.

In the end, I prepared the filling and crushed the Oreos and Jon assemble the layers.  The kids decorated it, even doing rock balancing.  The cake was great on its own but I found it too sweet with the sprinkles and the chocolates.  I’ll probably do this again if I can buy crushed Oreos since that was the most time consuming task for me (I just used our coffee grinder and it can only crush 2 cookies at a time!)

Overall, we had a great time with this cake and I’m looking forward to more cooking adventures with my family!

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