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Mini Frittatas

I haven’t baked any goodies in about three weeks now.  We ran out of supplies, like flour and sugar and haven’t had the opportunity to buy some.  If we aren’t busy, it’s raining.  I miss baking and using my oven.

So, when my daughter requested to have potato frittata this week, I decided to use the oven for it.  I’ve seen some blogs making frittatas using muffin tins and I decided to give it a try.

Just like the last time, I cooked the potatoes and cabbage first before assembling the frittata.  Just brush the sides of the pan with oil, put in the vegetables at the bottom, add some cheese, then top with the scrambled eggs.  I mixed in some cream with the eggs this time to make it more creamy then I topped it off with parmesan cheese.  Just bake for about 15 – 20 in a 180-degree Celsius oven.  Let’s eat!

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Cabbage and Potato Frittata

Following my Potato Frittata success last week, I decided to give it another try this week.

I was thinking of making some cabbage and potato soup but I decided against it and thought about using the cabbage for frittata instead.  This time,  I made 2 frittatas instead of one big frittata since I’m not too keen on the pan flipping thing.  I still didn’t make perfect shapes though as part of the frittata broke when I turned it over and when I transferred to a plate.  It may not look good but it still tasted great.

I used less potatoes this time since I used a whole head of cabbage.  I just cooked the cabbage after the potato cooked and stirred until soft.  I also added some bread crumbs this time but omitted the milk and totally forgot to add the pesto.  My family usually doesn’t eat cabbage so it was a surprise when my daughter tasted some of the cabbage before I mixed it in and actually liked it.  She really liked it that we had dinner really early, before 6 pm and after the plates have been cleared, she asked if she could eat again as she really found it delicious.

I’m happy to add another meatless meal to our repertoire.  I try to have at least one meatless dinner per week but I usually saute some ground pork with the vegetables.  This dish had no meat at all.  My daughter even requested to bring this to school for lunch next week.  In her school, Mondays are fruits and vegetables days so they are encouraged (aka required) to bring fruits and vegetables for snacks and lunch.  I think it’s a good initiative and we should all eat more fruits and vegetables.

On another note, I think I’m addicted to pesto.  I’ve been eating pesto and tomato sandwiches for lunch for 2 days running now.  I also had it for breakfast today and just spread some pesto on toast for my afternoon snack.  I wonder how long before I finish off my stock?

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Potato Frittata

Fridays are usually for left overs in our house but for some reason, we had no left overs at all this week.

So I had to come up with something for dinner using whatever’s in the ref since I had no intention of going out and buying something.  Since we had eggs and potatoes, I decided to make a potato frittata.

I first heard of a potato frittata when there was a food network show about spanish tapas and it seemed interesting.  There were a lot of onions used though and we’re not really big fans of onions.  I also never liked potato omelettes much but I figured it was worth a try.

Some recipes finish the cooking in the oven or under a broiler but I didn’t really want to do that.  The show I watched though inverted the pan onto a plate then slipped the frittata back on the pan to cook the bottom.  That’s what I did.  Part of the eggs stuck on the pan when I flipped it but it turned out alright.

I used just one small onion and 2 potatoes with 4 eggs.  I also added a splash of milk and some cheese.  Just as I was preparing dinner, my mom came over with some sweet corn so I also added some corn.  And since I had no fresh herbs, I added about a teaspoon of pesto.  My kids didn’t notice anything amiss and said they liked it and would want to have it again.

Would you like a slice?

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Ultimate Potato Gratin

I’m so excited to finally make something off my list.  I’ll be making Tyler Florence’s Ultimate Potato Gratin Recipe.  I’ve first seen Nigella make this in one of her shows and I decided that I wanted to try it.  So I surfed for recipes and Tyler’s seems better and more filling and nutritious.  At least I’m hoping it is since the recipe had cabbage in it 🙂 .

I wanted to take pictures while making it but since I only have two hands which were sufficiently busy, I was not able to do so.  I even forgot to take a picture before it went into the oven.

But here it is after it got out:

Here are some of my notes about the recipe:

  • I don’t really measure while cooking.  I usually eyeball it.  I used 6 pcs of medium sized potatoes, just one pack of cream (1 cup), put in half a cup of water in the container to rinse it and added that too.  I used about half a cup of grated quickmelt cheese to mix with the potatoes and just sprinkled parmesan on each layer.  I also don’t have chives so I skipped that too.  Oh, and I used about 5 strips of bacon.
  • According to the recipe, prep time was just 10 min.  I think it took me about 45 minutes to cut everything and cook the bacon and cabbage.  I guess I’m just slow.
  • Do try to cool it for about 20 min after coming out of the oven so the cheese and cream would set.  We didn’t so it was kinda runny when we cut into it.
All in all, it was a success.  It was creamy and rich.  You couldn’t taste the cabbage at all.  We all loved it and we’ll definitely do this again.

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