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Pizza lunch!

I’ve promised my kids that we’ll have home made pizza every month and they’re always looking forward to the day that they can make their own pizza.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to do it for August since I ran out of ingredients.  We just had delivery that month.

So, after shopping for ingredients on Saturday, they wanted to have pizza on Sunday and of course I obliged.

I’ve always wanted to try pesto on pizza and since I still have some pesto left-over, I knew I could finally make it this time.  But, we also have a lot of toppings available so I also wanted some of that.  We had bacon, burger, mushroom, garlic, onions, mozzarella and parmesan.  So, since I want it all, I decided to make my pizza half and half (or more of one third and two thirds).

Jon was also undecided so he made his half oil-based and half tomato sauce-based (sorry, it’s a bit unfocused, I was hungry already).

Jari’s pizza was the best looking of the bunch.  He’s really fixated on stuffed crust so he made a big crust with mozzarella inside and really had a lot of toppings on his pizza.

Yumi’s pizza also had a stuffed crust but a bit smaller.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any pictures of the adults’ pizzas after it was baked.  We were too hungry.  In the same way that I didn’t have pictures of the kids’ pizzas before baking because theirs went in the oven first.

I just want to say that I loved the pesto pizza.  I should have made mine all pesto (and just get a slice from everybody else so I could also have some taste of the toppings).  I will definitely make my next one just pesto.

We definitely had a great lunch.  Let’s eat!

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Rock Garden Cake

Last week was Jari’s 11th birthday.  I wanted to make him something special but I couldn’t really bake a real cake yet.  When I came across this dirt cake,  I knew I wanted to make something similar.  He loves playing soccer so I’m thinking a soccer field would be good.

I kinda followed the recipe but instead of instant pudding, I made one from scratch.  It turned out pretty good.

I wasn’t really feeling well that weekend but I know I have to push through with this project specially since I showed my daughter the pictures and she was looking forward to making and decorating the cake.  I’ve also bought some chocolate rocks and green sprinkles for grass.

In the end, I prepared the filling and crushed the Oreos and Jon assemble the layers.  The kids decorated it, even doing rock balancing.  The cake was great on its own but I found it too sweet with the sprinkles and the chocolates.  I’ll probably do this again if I can buy crushed Oreos since that was the most time consuming task for me (I just used our coffee grinder and it can only crush 2 cookies at a time!)

Overall, we had a great time with this cake and I’m looking forward to more cooking adventures with my family!

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